Established in 1956, Al Mokhtar Optics is one of Egypt’s most renowned eyewear retail chains.

    In the early days, Al Mokhtar Optics was an exclusive distributor of iconic brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Cazal, Lacoste, Persol, Ray-Ban, Christian Dior, Celine, Lastes, Marcolin, Nina Ricci, and others.

    Since then, we strive to present excellence; excellence in brand selection, products, and customer service. We inspect every single frame before placing it on our shelves; frames and lenses that leave our stores are adequately checked and pass measures of quality control.

    Anyway, words are just words, and most people can write a magnificent about us story. However, only a few can share with you the experience; visit our stores or follow us online and know for yourself what we are made of and what we are capable of doing.

    Time changes almost everything, how we do business, sales techniques, etc., but our quality of work and the care of your eyes, with us, will always be "a piece of art."


    We thought about going the extra mile, introducing new strategies, in-store experiences, extreme quality control measures, and the best value for money, among other backdoor benefits. 

    Distinctive In-store Experience

    You will be able to notice the difference between Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD and any other eyewear store. The experience is quite unique. 

     Specialized Sections

    Every section in the store says something to you. If you need sunglasses for a sunny day, you'll find an on-point section that displays your needs. Moreover, if you need gradient sunglasses that are perfect for the unpredictable winter weather, you'll find them next to each other.

    And of course, there is a section for kids and junior eyewear collection.

    Eyewear Lounge

    For the first time in Egypt, there is an eyewear lounge where you can have your coffee and try out your favorite opulent brands while sitting on a comfortable couch and a mirror in front of you. The models you selected will come to you in a tray, and you'll try them one by one.

    Words just can't describe it; you have got to try it yourself. 

    Extreme Measures of Quality Control

    There is a ton of backdoor effort conducted for you to get your selected item off our stands.

    For example, every frame is inspected for defects, and we are not the first hand to do such a thing. Companies hire specialists to inspect the item before shipping it to us to sell. However, we re-inspect them and change imperfect items for other flawless ones.

    As for the optical lenses, we are extremely meticulous about their outcome. Lenses are microscopically inspected for coating defects and, indeed, scratches before handing in the eyeglasses to our customer. Besides, we do not just rely on examination reports handed in or published by the manufacturers of the lenses available in our stores; we examine them ourselves. If the report says that the lens is coated to be scratch resistant, we examine how resistant is it; if it is water-repellant, we test how fast drops fall off the lens.

    In short, you are in safe hands. 

    In-store and Online Expert Eyecare Advice

    If you have any inquiries call, email, message, or contact us via traditional methods or online via social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram, we will be more than happy to talk to you.

    We care about your questions and take them seriously, please don't hesitate to ask.