Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD® Academy


    Welcome to Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD® Academy

    This program is designed to all levels of experiences; either you are a new hire or a manager, you’ll learn a thing or two. 

    At Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD we intend to lead the national industry and retain the position we have held in the 1970s and 1980s. Clients trust us with their well-being; we should genuinely care and appreciate this.

    Please consider this is the first thing you’ve learnt. We care about our clients more than anything else. Of course we’re in the business of making money as we are a for-profit organization, but sometimes this won't be the case.

    Our commitment is the well-being of our clients.

    This program will take you step by step into becoming a great optician; and we mean it.. a “great” optician. Most opticians in our region know almost nothing about the topics covered in these details; they’d know the headlines. 

    Do not feel initially overwhelmed by the information covered in this program, it gets easier by the time.

    This program is not intended to be your sole source of knowledge, however.