Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD® Warranty

Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD® warrants for a period of 1 years from the date of original purchase that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD® Warranty (“Warranty”) is separated into several regions. Warranty is only available in the region where you purchased the product.

During the Warranty period, defects will be removed free of charge either by repair or replacement at the discretion of Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD®. Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD®’s obligation under this Warranty is limited to repair or replacement by equivalent product in working condition.

During the Warranty period, we will also service your lens outside your region. In this case the repair service will not be free of charge. This Warranty applies in addition to your legal right to claim warranty towards the seller. The Warranty is not transferable.

What Is Not Covered?

This Warranty shall not apply if the defect is attributable to misuse, neglect, accidental damage, alteration of the product or improper treatment, including any interference with the product by unauthorized workshops or persons.

This Warranty is void, if damage is caused by the use of accessories not sold or authorized by Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD®, or from service by persons not authorized by Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD®. This Warranty does not cover claims resulting from natural disasters (ex. floods, storms, fire). It will be at Al Mokhtar Optics GOLD®'s sole discretion to extend service under this Warranty for damage arising from the above-mentioned conditions.